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 A captivating exploration of the connection between mental wellbeing and environmental destruction through contemporary dance.


TRASH delves into the intricate relationship between our inner emotional landscapes and the external world we inhabit. Join us on an immersive visual journey that unveils the profound impact our personal wellbeing has on our behaviour and the planet we call home. TRASH boldly connects the dots between our internal struggles and the external repercussions, showcasing how our choices and actions affect not only our own lives but also those of others and, paradoxically, the environment. Experience this thought-provoking exploration as TRASH invites you to reflect on the interconnectedness of our emotional health and its far-reaching consequences.

TRASH was initially created for the Brighton Fringe with Alauda Dance and is re-staged with Dew Dance for Signdance Collective's Next Generation Festival in September 2023. 

We'd love to hear what you thought about the show!

Running Order

1. Traumas (Music by The Whip)

2. Resentment & Regret (Music by Domenico Ferrari, Ziv Jacob)

3. Analysis (Music by Tim Neumark)

4. Stop (Music by The Whip)

5. Hope & Healing (Music by Sigriour)

Meet the Cast

We love to work with local Buckinghamshire artists and also collaborate with other South East based dancers to create more opportunities in the arts.

Help us make more work in the future

We are currently self-funded. Your donations will enable us to bring more dance to our local community and create opportunities for local artists.

Brighton fringe trash 2023
Brighton fringe trash r&d 2023

More about Dew Dance

We are an emerging contemporary dance company in High Wycombe, creating engaging and thought-provoking dance work with a heart for the community; the residents that live here and the artists who work here.​

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