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And the Summer Shall Follow

In a thought-provoking double-bill, emerging choreographers Catherine Sleeman and Liezl De Wouters D'oplinter explore the link between personal and planetary well-being, inviting their audience to look both outward and inward for hope.


And the Summer Shall Follow

The title work, 'And the Summer Shall Follow', draws from the natural rhythms of light and seasons. The piece, inspired by Seasonal Affective Disorder and the way people experience natural and environmental change, also turns the focus to human-led climate change and its impact on humanity.



Choreographer Liezl de Wouters uses emotional blankets of candy wrappers and a chain of litter to accompany the dancers in her richly metaphorical piece. TRASH is a visual tour of how our wellbeing and the way we handle it can have a profound impact on not just our own lives, but also our wider environment.

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